An integral part of creativity is the ability for children to test their ideas and articulate their feelings and desires. In the Studio Room we nurture a sense of curiosity and self-expression with open-ended, natural materials, prompting organic thinking and invention that purely stems from the children. These materials are used as a representation or translation of their experiences.

Among the core elements of the Studio Room are the elevated expectations for children to collaborate, utilize self-help skills, and practice empathy.

With opportunities for conversations during snack time and group time when the children express their ideas, the children experience a sense of togetherness. This increases their use of words and vocabulary to communicate and helps initiate problem-solving skills. Meetings become more formal as the year progresses. We discuss things like culture and speak about things and people that are not currently or physically in their space. We also focus on movement, music without lyrics and role-play. This stage is the beginning of dramatic play, which becomes a practice of taking turns, inviting risk taking and problem solving, as well as learning opportunities to ask for what they need from the teacher and of themselves.