Malibu Methodist Nursery School (MMNS) is a non-profit, self-supporting, non-sectarian community outreach of the Malibu United Methodist Church. MMNS was established in 1966. All involved with the school, the families, children, and educators, are responsible for creating and maintaining the school environment in a way that supports the school’s mission. Because daily exposure to the natural environment is essential for the healthy development of children, experiences in and around nature are a vital component of the school’s educational beliefs. Our outdoor classroom is a childhood idyll. The beautiful plant and tree landscaped yard is filled with opportunities for experiential learning, acceptable risk-taking, building physical strength, and multi-age social interaction.

MMNS is a learning community sustained by a close collaboration of parents, staff members, and students.

A Board of directors comprised of parents, educators and MUMC leadership determines school policies. MMNS is committed to a community free of bias and discrimination based on religion, disabilities, sexual orientation, race, and national origin, a place where everyone is welcomed. MMNS values diversity, which is reflected in its tuition assistance program, curriculum, and the tools the children use to address each other’s differences. MMNS is committed to sustaining an equitable and just community, developing in our students a sense of responsibility for equity and justice in the broader community.

MMNS is licensed by the California Department of Social Services, which has the authority to observe and inspect the children’s physical environment and physical condition, including conditions that could indicate abuse, neglect, or inappropriate placement. http://www.dds.ca.gov

Though we respect the values and teachings of the Malibu United Methodist Church, we are not a religious-based program.

heatheralfano2“When we moved to Malibu in the middle of the school year I was anxious for my son…MMNS couldn’t have been a more welcoming, nurturing, and therapeutic environment for him and me! The teachers possess a great sense of calmness that instantly put my son at ease. I have fallen in love with the creative freedom that goes from the playground in to the classroom. Now both of my kids are attending…and I know that this school has fostered so much of their imaginative play that I get to witness at home. I couldn’t be happier with my decision!”

maggiestewartMy daughter has attended MMNS for the past year and I could not be more proud of her growth and impressed with the team of teachers at this truly magical school. My daughter was 18 months when she started and was not yet walking confidently. I talked with her teachers at length about my concerns in regards to this issue when we started. After several weeks of attending my daughter was running circles around me. They were and have continued to be uniquely in-tune to my daughter’s needs and how she is best inspired to grow.”

bianagerber“I can not say enough good things about MMNS. The director and the teachers are wonderful – warm responsive to the children as well as the parents. You won’t find a more Reggio Emilia experienced school than MMNS. The classrooms are fitted to their specific ages. But every kid loves the ‘outdoor classroom’. I currently have my 2 1/2 year old son enrolled fulltime at MMNS. I can be at ease when he is at school knowing he is cared for, safe, and in a place that facilitates his future. The teachers are amazing – they are smart, nurturing, patient, loving and fun and at the same time encourage growth. I saw changes in his independence and confidence within his first week at MMNS. My daughter started TK last summer – her transition was easy and she was well prepared for that. She is actually at the top of her class – everything she learned at MMNS gave her the confidence, the capability and knowledge to handle anything that came her way.”

“It was a big step for us to enroll our 1 year old twins in the Infant Toddler program 4 full days a week, but within a week they had adjusted to the routine and are happier than ever with their new friends, attentive caregivers, and a creative environment in which to explore and thrive. It has become their second family and home.”

jessicaharper“I have been so grateful for MMNS and the amazing caretakers who work there. My son started in the infant center around 15 months, and as most parents know, it was hard for me as a parent to trust my son with anyone else.  But, he loved going to play with his friends, his language skills developed exponentially, and he even learned some Spanish! When I was researching child development, I started to understand the real benefit of having a play based school. I have seen amazing love for reading, singing and imagination development in my son. His self-directed play is certainly indicative of the environment he spends his time in at school.  His social development is by far my favorite part of this type of learning, as he has learned empathy, and how to be cooperative with his peers, which are crucial skills at this age. I HIGHLY recommend MMNS, and if you are considering it for your child, do some research on the Reggio Philosophy!”

daxtheo“My son has always been a social butterfly but I am in awe of the many meaningful and incredibly special relationships he has formed at MMNS. Every day that he gets to go to school is a good day, and every time we pick him up he never wants to leave! His friendships have led to many a gatherings outside the school for not just the children, but the parents as well. The parents of MMNS that we have gotten to know are extremely active, engaged with the school and invested in their children’s future. MMNS has not only created a haven for my child, they have created a community for my whole family. We are so grateful to be a part of this school and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a loving school environment.”

faithbrewer“Malibu Methodist Nursery School has been a divine blessing in my family’s life! After having to leave one school due to unexpected changes in our life, MMNS has offered all and more to fit in with the transition. I am now a single working mother and having the benefits of “working hour child care” in a stimulating and loving environment for both my 17 month old and 4 year in the same place was incredible! The philosophy and respect for each child’s unique nature is one of a kind. I’m rest assured my children are safe and well cared for by all the staff at MMNS. I cannot extend my gratitude enough with how they have welcomed our family.”

corinneBeing a former MMNS student, class of 1989, I will have to say I love the fact that it has not changed much. I have such fond memories being a kid at Malibu Methodist and none of them are bad. The thing I love most is how all the staff support the kids in being in touch with nature while encouraging them to feel good about getting down and dirty like kids are supposed to. I just love that the environment is rich with creativity and still maintains that old school feel of responsible teachers with challenging obstacles for the kids. I also really appreciate that they are health conscious by using vinegar as a cleaning agent while avoiding chemical and artificial products. Thank you Malibu Methodist for being such inspiration to our children and fostering the free spirit in them.”

iankincaid“Our children’s introduction to education could not have been more graceful and gentle than that which they received during their tenure at MMNS. Guided by the doctrines of the Reggio School, the loving teachers of MMNS instilled an eagerness to learn and a social confidence precious in those early stages. We truly feel that our family has been blessed to have the extensive resources of their guidance. Thank you MMNS.”

“My kids have blossomed with each milestone and are growing into vibrant beings and I own a large part of it to the teachers at MMNS. We also found a new family and friends who loved my children as their own. I don’t know where I would be without MMNS and it’s extroidinary teachers!  My words cannot describe how grateful I am. I love sharing my experiences in this journey with others, in hopes they find as much joy as I do bringing my kids to this school.”