Our Classrooms

At MMNS we provide an engaging curriculum for a variety of ages.

At the Infant/Toddler Center, children ages 3 to 24 months enjoy opportunities to stimulate their senses and explore the natural world.

In the Explorers, children age 2 get to use their imaginations as they engage in activities that build verbal skills and foster independence.

In the Studio, children ages 3 and 4 enjoy many forms of artistic expression as they learn how to collaborate and communicate with their peers.

In the Science Room, children ages 4 and 5 use elements from and of the natural world to ask questions and solve problems.

Our Outdoor Classroom creates a lifelong impact that supports stewardship of their natural world while enhancing physical, cognitive, social-emotional and personal enrichment.

In addition to our formal preschool program, children are also exposed to additional enriching experiences provided by our friends in the Malibu and surrounding communities.