Outdoor Classroom

Our outdoor classroom is a childhood idyll. The ample space is made up of large grass and sand areas, a patio on one side and a winding bike path.

The beautiful plant and tree landscaped yard is filled with opportunities for experiential learning involving math, science, art, language and literacy, acceptable risk taking, building physical strength, and multi-age social interaction. 

Our trampoline is at the north corner next to the garden where passion fruit vines attract the Fritterlary Butterflies in the Fall. Children enjoy the fruit when in season as well as lemons from the large lemon tree. All the plants and trees are chosen intentionally to support wildlife and provoke exploration and curiosity in our children. Our chicken gives us eggs to cook with, and most days, wanders freely in the yard. The sand is very popular for making sand muffins and digging for treasures. Also favored are the zip line, parallel bars, and a rope swing on the large Ficus tree.  The outdoor classroom is well supervised and limited only by our collective imaginations.